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Nanopharmaceuticals and Its Efficacy in Drug Delivery

Program Overview

Nanopharmaceuticals offer the ability to detect diseases at much earlier stages and the diagnostic applications could build upon conventional procedures using nanoparticles. Nanopharmaceuticals represent an emerging field where the sizes of the drug particle or a therapeutic delivery system work at the nanoscale. In the pharmaceutical industry, a long standing issue is the difficulty of delivering the appropriate dose of a particular active agent to specific disease site. Nanopharmaceuticals have enormous potential in addressing this failure of traditional therapeutics which offers site-specific targeting of active agents. Such precision targeting via nanopharmaceuticals reduces toxic systemic side effects, resulting in better patient compliance.

In today’s world economy, a pharmaceutical industry faces enormous pressure to deliver high-quality products to patients while maintaining profitability. Therefore pharmaceutical companies are applying nanotechnology to enhance or supplement drug target discovery and drug delivery. Nanopharmaceutical reduces the cost of drug discovery, design & development and enhances the drug delivery process. This results in the improved Research & Development success rate which enables faster introduction of new, cost-effective products to the marketplace.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are the current frontiers of all scientific and technological advancement. They deal with manipulation of materials at the 10-9m scale. This essentially means rearranging bonds at the atomic level to create new substances with hitherto unheard of properties.

Nanocomposites, 1/6th the weight of steel, yet are hundred times stronger, extremely efficient solar panels, cement which is far stronger than existing concrete, unimaginably small and fast electronic circuits, and revolutionary new medical applications have already started changing human life as we know it. There is absolutely no area of human existence that can remain untouched by these advancements.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, the participant would be able to;

  • Understand the basic concepts underlying Pharmaceuticals at Nanoscale
  • Understand various Nanoparticles applied in Pharmaceuticals for the betterment in drug discovery and drug delivery systems
  • Understand the utility of diverse Nanostructures used in drug delivery systems
  • Understand the Bionanotechnology based drug delivery systems

  • Type: Certification Program
    Length of Program: 3 Weeks
    Location: Web-based
    Program Area: Nanopharmaceuticals
    Fee: 5000 INR or US$ 300
    Contact Email: [email protected]

    The target audience for this program includes Graduates/ Post Graduates/ PhDs in Electronics or Its associated fields/branches.

    Program Delivery Methodology

    In order to ensure the best possible outreach, the program is delivered through eLearning Management System- a state-of-the-art training architecture. To access the system, participant is provided with user-id and password. This system is an online learning platform which includes Lessons, PDFs, Videos, Presentations, Important web-links, Quizzes for active participation. Through this methodology, being at his/her place, participant can continue this program along with his/her current responsibilities.

    Participant’s Role

    Submission of complete application form and necessary program fee in the form of demand draft drawn in favors of "Nano Science and Technology Consortium" payable at Delhi/New Delhi to the organization

  • Self-study of course material
  • Participate on web portal activities on, receive internet based support
  • Submission of Mid Term Assignments, Final Online Exam, Final Article /Popular Paper to NSTC
  • Program Completion

  • NSTC’s Role

    Support Material and Confirmation Letter are dispatched to the participant. Dispatch is made within 10 days after receiving the application form and program fee.

  • Guidance & support
  • Evaluation of submissions
  • Award of statement of marks
  • Award of certificate

  • Participant will receive a certificate of completion from Nano Science & Technology Consortium after completion of the program. Certificate of completion will be issued within two weeks after due date of program. The certificate will be signed by the NSTC Director.

    Fee Structure and Payment Norms

    The program fee should be sent along with duly completed application form. The fee should be paid through a Demand Draft/ at par cheque, issued in favor of Nano Science and Technology Consortium payable at Delhi/ New Delhi.

    Fee Details

    Indian Students

    International Students

    Program Fee*


    US$ 300 =00

    Registration fee


    US$ 50=00

    Total Fee


    US$ 350=00

    * Fee inclusive of Service Tax, which is subject to be changed

  • Aspirants who wish to apply for the Nanopharmaceuticals and Its Efficacy in Drug Delivery Program can download the application form.
  • One can apply at any time of the year and the registration will be provided in the forth current or ongoing batch.
  • Participant can register in more than one program at the same time.
  • Duly filled application form (enclosing a Bank Draft issued in favors of "Nano Science and Technology Consortium", payable at Delhi/ New Delhi) along with copies of certificates and mark sheets of 10+2 / Diploma / Degree or above level and a copy of passport size photograph can be send to:
  • Nano Science and Technology Consortium

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