Nano Science & Technology Consortium
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Consultancy Services

Market Intelligence

Starting with a client's product or manufacturing process, we provide tailored market intelligence comprising current and future unit and market valuations, opportunities in different markets and global regions, and assessment of the competitive environment; allowing our clients to make informed decisions on future business strategy.

Technology Assessment

We review current products and manufacturing processes employed by our clients, and advise how nano and other advanced technologies will impact their business and can be harnessed to enhance product value and manufacturing efficiency.

Technology Transfer

We assist our clients in finding technology solutions to solve problems and to enhance product performance and applications. We perform an initial analysis of client requirements and use our networks and contacts to identify new technologies that meet these needs.

Technology Marketing

Due to increasing competition and a rapidly evolving technology landscape, reaching the right buyer at the right time with your message has never been more important. NSTC can help you take your targeting to the next level by identifying those businesses with the highest likelihood of purchasing your product or a promising technology.

Joint Development

Helping the companies with complementary skills to tie up together towards a new technology development.

New Market Entry

Helping the companies to enter in unknown market through strategic reliable tie ups. We identify the potential growth areas for the client & make their presence happen in those areas.