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Partners & Alliances

Our services and business solutions are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners.


nDure Technologies, Australia is an advanced materials company active in consulting, developing, sourcing & commercialization of novel technologies


Cinvestav, Mexico is a high end research center in Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Health, Technology and Engineering Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities departments.


NNFC, Korea would provide the best equipment/ facility/ process services to all kinds of users


MIDAS SYSTEM, Korea develops and produces Mask Aligner and Spin Coater equipment required by laboratories and companies related semi-conductor, MEMS, Bio element and Nano Technologies.


Mezhregionsservis Ltd. is based in Moscow, Russia. It manufactures and supplies the Power Stations which are designed for power supply that are principally important components for different kinds of armament, space technology and national economy.


NanoScience Innovation Pte Ltd, Singapore, as a part of its technology development activities, has developed a patented Hybrid-plasma system to produce nanoparticles and disperse the same in liquid media and has specialized in producing Ceria nanoparticles as a Fuel Borne Catalyst which has resulted into engine efficiencies along with reduction in various emissions