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STEM Learning School Initiative

STEM LEARNING programs are organized under joint venture of Nano Science and Technology Education Network (NSTC Network) & Reinste Nano Ventures in schools at different levels. STEM learning engages students of all ages and groups in learning about this emerging field of science, which holds the promise of developing revolutionary materials and technologies.

Students learn better when they directly involved in the practical aspects of science. They gain more knowledge by doing some creative things. STEM education is not limited to classroom only but also for outside world.

NSTC is an India's premier organization devoted to STEM education at all levels. We are currently active on our well-planned mission:

  • Discover STEM: Through our Program, we plan to offer some STEM activities in high/secondary schools which are aimed to expose school-bound students to the technologies of the 21st century and inspire them to become STEM majors in their college.
  • Bridges to STEM: Under this we have worked intensively in bringing STEM education directly into the classroom and also run pilot education module-based smart study in STEM learning initiative. With the end of studying our curriculum, the number of students considering a STEM career grew tenfold!